Stebon Primary School

Stebon Primary School

Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School
Learning is very good at Stebon because expectations are high and the teachers give us confidence. Imtiaz
As a child at Stebon, I am happy to be here as I have good
friends. Emad
There are lots of activities that are really fun like tournaments in the summer. Sadia
You can do excellent things in art and do loads of projects and experiments. Shahriyar
This school is a safe, happy and friendly place to be. Jannah
I think the atmosphere is cheerful because learning is
fun! Fahim
I would say that teaching is of a high standard. Abidah
Everybody respects each other. We have an anti-bullying policy and playground buddies who help you find friends. Zainab
It is a wonderful place to be where everyone is treated the same. Muhibur
Playtimes are the best because we have lots of games to play with. Sadiya

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Year 3 ~ Ravi Shankar Class, Ella Fitzgerald Class & Ludwig Van Beethoven ~ Musical Intelligence

Ella Fitzgerald    Ludwig VB - year 3 class picture    Ravi Shankar

Year 3’s class names are inspired by three real music legends.

Ravi Shankar is an Indian musician & is most famous for playing the sitar. Over the last 40 years he has helped to make Indian music popular in Europe and has won several Grammy music awards. He’s also Norah Jones’ dad!

Ella Fitzgerald was often called the Queen of Jazz. As a singer her vocal range spanned over three octaves. Basically she could sing very high notes & very low ones & always beautifully in tune. During her lifetime she recorded over 70 albums and sold more than 40 million copies!   

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a key musical figure between 1770 and 1827, this German composer was one of the most famous and influential composers. The most significant of Beethoven’s music was composed during the last 15 years of his life, yet for the last decade of which he was almost totally deaf. This deafness had been reported as being due to anger at being interrupted when doing his work.

Autumn Term – Blast Off!


We kick off Year 3 when we blast off into space! The classroom is all black & silver & aliens & planets dot the lunar landscape. There are spaceships, even one we can climb into & spacesuits & helmets with visors. This term is all about the heavens. What on earth goes on up there?

All our learning is set in the context of space. A lot of our reading & writing is of information texts but we also read stories such as ‘Beegu’ & keep diaries of our explorations; we learn about 3D shapes & solve problems about measures such as speed, distance & weight. Our science work concerns the Earth & beyond, rocks & soils, light & shadow & examines ecological ideas such as solar energy. In music we listen to Holst’s ‘Planets’ but also examine music for films; in art we make papier mache planets & lunar landscapes & in DT construct rockets.

Our visits blast off with a trip to the science museum & particularly the IMAX cinema within it. We go to the observatory in Greenwich too & are visited by an ‘astrodome’-style planetarium in our hall at school.

By the end of the term, we’ve planned & performed an assembly about space, made a whole-class big book & we even aim to make a space movie for everyone to watch!

 Spring Term – Rampaging Romans and Viscous Vikings!


On the first day in January we walk into our Y3 classroom, we find it transformed! There’s a Viking Longboat in it for a start, complete with oars & red & white sails. This term’s learning is all about those people who chose to invade these islands many hundreds of years ago & those who chose to stay & make their lives here. There’s lots of dressing up to fire our imaginations (we especially love those horned helmets!)& the room is littered with ancient Roman & Viking artefacts.

We learn about Viking settlements, about the Roman conquest & some of Rome’s most famous leaders like Julius Caesar. Most importantly we learn how the arrival of these ‘invaders’ changed Britain; what the Romans did for us, you might say!

But it’s not just history – all our work is set in the context of Romans & Vikings. We look at Viking myths in English & retell the story of the Death of Baldur & we read play scripts such as Julius Caesar. We listen to Viking chants & compose our own music. We have Viking problems to solve in maths & learn how to use Roman numerals & we compare Romans’ & Vikings’ beliefs on life after death in RE.

In the first week of term, we kick off the topic with an amazing visit to the British Museum – probably the best collection of Roman & Viking artefacts outside Rome & Scandinavia is right here on our doorstep in London. But we also visit the Museum of London & to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to learn more about our seafaring forebears.

By the end of the term we have designed & built a Viking Longboat, produced Roman mosaics, conducted digital research & written our own newspaper articles. We have even made Roman & Viking porridge (though in truth we preferred our medieval banquet in Y1!)

Summer Term – Rainforest Defenders


During the summer we are enjoying the lush green leaves both outside and inside  when we learn about the rainforest. Our classroom becomes one of the most precious, breath taking & fragile environments on Earth – the Rainforest - & our job is to figure out how to protect & defend it for future generations. There are animals & insects everywhere; the ceiling is hung with vines & the walls become the green forest all around.

We write letters from the rainforest, shape poems, adventure stories & persuasive letters; our maths problems involve saving the rainforest & the creatures that live there. We learn about food chains, the structure of trees, the names & functions of the different layers of the forest & the parts of a plant. We do experiments growing plants in the darkness & in the light & make rainforest instruments in DT. We listen to the music of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon as well as songs from ‘The Jungle book’ & learn about the botanical scientific artist, Margaret Mee.

We go to Kew Gardens too which is amazing!

By the end of the term we have learned to stand up for the rainforest; we have appealed to the whole school to ‘Save the Rainforest’ in our special assembly & we have made instruments & animals & a class poetry book.