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Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School
Learning is very good at Stebon because expectations are high and the teachers give us confidence. Imtiaz
As a child at Stebon, I am happy to be here as I have good
friends. Emad
There are lots of activities that are really fun like tournaments in the summer. Sadia
You can do excellent things in art and do loads of projects and experiments. Shahriyar
This school is a safe, happy and friendly place to be. Jannah
I think the atmosphere is cheerful because learning is
fun! Fahim
I would say that teaching is of a high standard. Abidah
Everybody respects each other. We have an anti-bullying policy and playground buddies who help you find friends. Zainab
It is a wonderful place to be where everyone is treated the same. Muhibur
Playtimes are the best because we have lots of games to play with. Sadiya

What Ofsted & others say

So what do Ofsted say?

Stebon School had its most recent inspection in July 2014; a no-notice inspection under the new framework.

PDF icon  Stebon Primary School Ofsted Report 2014

Here’s just some of what the inspection team had to say about us:

“The headteachers, ably supported by other leaders and managers, have been highly effective in raising achievement and improving teaching."

A particular strength throughout the school is the way teachers provide verbal advice and feedback to pupils to help move their learning on."

“Teaching is outstanding the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children learn in an exciting environment, rich with pictures and print."

"Pupils are polite and helpful and their attitudes towards learning help them to make good progress. The school is a harmonious community and relationships between pupils and between pupils and staff are good."  

"The school does a great deal to raise pupils' aspirations and expand their horizons through exciting topics, educational visits and residential trips. It strongly promotes pupil's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and provides a variety of events to the celebrate their cultural diversity."

"The leadership of the Early Years Foundation Stage is especially strong. Thorough systems are in place for tracking children's progress and arrangements for keeping parents and carers informed."

“Pupils say they feel safe in school and learn about how to keep safe including when using the internet."

“The governors have been central to the school's work to build a trusting relationship with parents and carers. They bring a wealth of relevant expertise to their roles and work closely with school leaders and staff."

“The school provides workshops for parents and carers in how to support their children's learning in reading, phonics and mathematics. The home-school worker runs support groups for families who need particular help."

“Leaders focus relentlessly on improving teaching and learning. There are regular detailed checks on teachers' work and excellent opportunities for them to undertake training."

“Pupils listen carefully, eagerly contribute their ideas and take part animatedly in discussions. Pupils follow teachers' instructions readily and usually apply themselves well to their work.”


What do others say?


“Happy with the school for always giving us parents opportunities to see what my son is doing in class.”

“My children are enjoying school very much.”

“I loved looking at my son's class with him and he loved showing it as well.”

“The children are free from bullying - Education is fun for them to learn.”


 "They really do care about your learning."


Avril Newman (2019)

Headteacher – Sir William Burrough School  

"Everywhere we went, we saw irresistable, enchanted learning. The physical environment bedecked with fairy-lights and festoons, the children energised, excited and empowered.I left feeling deeply enriched and inspired."


Matthew Filbee - Investors in People (2019)

 “This is a highly collaboration environment; a very rich & uplifting place to visit. The immense commitment to the learning & development of great teachers who go on to be great leaders was displayed by everyone.”

Read our IIP report here.

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