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Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School Life at Stebon Primary School
Learning is very good at Stebon because expectations are high and the teachers give us confidence. Imtiaz
As a child at Stebon, I am happy to be here as I have good
friends. Emad
There are lots of activities that are really fun like tournaments in the summer. Sadia
You can do excellent things in art and do loads of projects and experiments. Shahriyar
This school is a safe, happy and friendly place to be. Jannah
I think the atmosphere is cheerful because learning is
fun! Fahim
I would say that teaching is of a high standard. Abidah
Everybody respects each other. We have an anti-bullying policy and playground buddies who help you find friends. Zainab
It is a wonderful place to be where everyone is treated the same. Muhibur
Playtimes are the best because we have lots of games to play with. Sadiya


School Timetable

The school is open from 06:30 every morning for the staff and the gates for children open at 09:10.

School starts at 09:15 for all children from Nursery to Year 6 and it is important that all the children are on time every day, so that they can start their learning straight away. 

School finishes at 15:30 pm and the gates will open for parents at 15:15.

If your child takes part in one of the school clubs, you will be informed via letter as to which day the club will take place as well as what time it finishes.

For further information, please don't hesitate to email us. 


Term Dates 2018/19

(Approved by The LETTA Trust - Trustees/Governors 20.02.2018)

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)   Monday 3rd September & Tuesday 4th September 2018

School Open:                  Wednesday 5th September – Friday 19th October 2018

Half term:                             Monday 22nd October – Friday 26th October 2018

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)    Monday 29th October 2018

School Open:                  Tuesday 30th October – Friday 21st December 2018

Christmas Holiday:                 Monday 24th December – Friday 4th January 2019

School Open:                  Monday 7th January – Friday 15th February 2019

Half term:                             Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February 2019

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)    Monday 25th February 2019

School Open:                  Tuesday 26th February – Friday 5th April 2019

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)    Friday 22nd March 2019

Spring Holiday:                      Monday 8th April – Monday 22nd April 2019

School Open:                  Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 24th May 2019

May Bank Holiday:                  Monday 6th May 2019

Half term:                             Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May 2019

School Open:                  Monday 3rd June – Thursday 18th July 2019

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)     Friday 19th July 2019


The School will be closed on Eid celebration days – TBC



                    (Approved by The LETTA Trust Board Meeting: 15.10.2018)


Term Dates 2019-2020

INSET (SCHOOL CLOSED)   Monday 2nd Sept & Tuesday 3rd Sept 2019

School Open:                 Weds 4th September – Friday 18th October 2019

Half term:                             Monday 21st October – Friday 25th October 2019

School Open:                 Monday 28th October – Friday 20th December 2019

Christmas Holiday:                 Monday 24th December – Friday 3rd January 2020

School Open:                 Monday 6th January – Friday 14th February 2020

Half term:                             Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February 2020

School Open:                 Monday 24th February – Friday 3rd April 2020

Spring Holiday:                      Monday 6th April – Monday 17th April 2020

School Open:                 Tuesday 20th April – Friday 22nd May 2020

May Bank Holiday:                  Monday 4th May 2020

Half term:                             Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May 2020

School Open:                 Monday 1st June – Friday 17th July 2020



The school will be closed on Eid celebration days

Eid-ul-Fitr: TBC                    

Eid-ul-Adha: TBC