Sports premium

Our vision

Stebon Primary School pupils experience a wide range of high quality, challenging physical education and school sport activities. All pupils and the wider school community are inspired to engage in physical activity and become life-long participants in an active lifestyle.

Our aims

  • To make PE engaging and relevant and highly active
  • To ensure we are well equipped and resourced to support pupils in their physical development, including extra-curricular activities
  • To provide high quality teaching in physical education, with specialist coaches and class teachers who have high expectations of pupils across the school
  • To embed our school values through the teaching and learning in physical education and school sport; respect, collaboration, determination and excellence.
  • To give pupils a positive attitude towards physical education and their own personal physical abilities, developing their confidence and promoting active and healthy life-style choices
  • To develop pupil’s leadership skills so that they can organise and motivate others, always modelling an excellent sporting attitude
  • To provide competitive opportunities in school sport both internally and externally