Shakespeare Schools Festival

Emmeline Pankhurst Class: Romeo & Juliet

I loved meeting the SSF adults on our performance day - we had our own dressing room! The stage was so big! Before I went on stage I took a deep breath so I felt brave. My mum and teachers said they were very proud of me.

Hellen Keller Class: Macbeth

I was really nervous before the performance but I felt very confident and brave when I went on stage. I loved practising with my class and I felt happy when we took our bows. I want to wish year 3 lots of luck when they do SSF next year.

Rosa Parks Class Twelfth Night

Performing was very fun and I was a little nervous but I knew I would do great. It was so fun performing on stage and I love acting. My mum and dad came to watch me and they want to watch it all again!